Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Intervene Now!

The United States and the United Nations are not stepping in to protect the minorities of the world. While the US and UN step back and don’t take the initiative to intervene, lives are systematically and brutally lost because the world remains silent on one of the most critical humanitarian issues of our day-genocide. The situation in Darfur and other genocide incidences are indeed desperate and the UN needs to review its past actions and current policies in addressing organized mass killings. Since, the UN has failed to intervene in these tragic genocides, the international community needs to generate different solutions to stop and prevent genocides from occurring. The day the world becomes silent about the things that matter, innocent lives will be taken. If people start supporting nonprofit organizations like the Darfur Australian Network and other genocide groups that care for the people who have been victimized by genocide, the world would be that much closer to eliminating genocide than if people petition for the world forces like the UN to intervene. Because it has been made apparent that the UN is not going to intervene in any cases of genocide, as seen in the Rwandan genocide and so many of the other cases of genocide in the past. The UN has proven it is not to be entrusted with such serious matters as intervening in genocide and saving peoples lives. By backing independent organizations, like the Darfur Australian Network, that can really make a difference in these victims’ lives. Also, through definitive action and cooperation genocide can be stopped and the public can help prevent any future genocides all together. Because truly, lives end when people don’t take the initiative to care.

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