Thursday, November 5, 2009

Desiree's Demonstration Speech

Although I had an introduction, a clear organization of steps, and a conclusion, my speech lacked a little background information on origami. My speech contained the visual aid of the origami paper and walked through step by step how to fold the piece of paper into a decorative origami box. The demonstration had a good tone of enthusiasm and held a good volume throughout the speech. While showing the folding steps, I maintained good eye contact with the audience members and for the most part held a good body language stance. A few times I broke the stance by shifting from foot to foot or tucking my hair behind my ears, but overall my body language and eye contact with the audience was good. I could have tried to pick up the pace a little bit by not waiting so long for the audience members to fold their paper, because the speech was over the time limit by about a minute. My speech was very conducive with the assignment at hand, because it was definitely a step by step process, which is what a demonstration is based on. Origami was a different direction than most of the class and that is why I chose it because I figured most of the class wouldn’t know how to do origami. So I thought origami would be conducive to the class because it’s something not a lot of people are knowledgeable about. Overall the speech was pretty good except for the timing and the pace of the speech. However, I did have a good visual presentation with the origami paper, and the audience was paying attention by folding the paper at the same time as I was giving the demonstration. My speech had it’s weaknesses but all in all it was a decent demonstration speech.

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