Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cheerios Acclaimed Health Benefits

Cheerios, the breakfast cereal, makes health claims that it lowers cholesterol and makes your heart healthier. The FDA has since stated that the claims made on the box of Cheerios are not appropriate because the health claims can only be true if it is an FDA approved drug. The FDA also states that since Cheerios is a whole grain food it can mention its ability to lower heart disease, but it isn’t allowed to say it lowers cholesterol. The General Mills Corporation is currently working with the FDA to have the allegations that their claims are not false. There is no substitution for Cheerios; however, there are other types of oat cereals. So no there is no healthier substitution for Cheerios. Even if Cheerios has no health benefits, it is still the number the best selling cereal. So if it didn’t help people lower their cholesterol, I still think Cheerios would be a high selling product because people just like the taste of Cheerios. I would still recommend Cheerios as a product even if it doesn’t lower cholesterol. Cheerios still has lots of fiber and is a good source of whole grain according to the FDA. Cheerios are also made out of oats, and oats are healthy for you because they are a form of soluble fiber. So although the FDA may claim that Cheerios can’t lower cholesterol because it isn’t an FDA approved drug it still has true health claims as being high in fiber and since it is a whole grain it can help lower heart disease. So some of Cheerios health claims are not proven true yet, but it does have some proven benefits according to the FDA.

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