Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why do we eat fake foods?

I eat both real and fake,processed chicken. Fake, processed chicken doesn’t really have a distinct smell to it; however, it does have a different taste. The fake chicken doesn’t taste as juicy or good as real chicken does. Fake chicken also has a little different look to it. It looks like ground up chicken pressed into patty, strip, or nugget form. There are no beneficial benefits of eating fake chicken to eating real chicken. In reality, real chicken is probably healthier, because it isn’t processed and full of sodium like fake, processed chicken is. I have been eating processed chicken ever since I was a little girl. Most little kids grow up eating chicken strips, chicken nuggets, and other forms of fake, processed chicken without even realizing that they are eating fake, processed chicken. Kids are subject to eating fake, processed chicken even at school. Even schools that promote healthy lunches serve the less nutritional processed form of chicken, because it is cheaper to purchase and easier to cook and serve to the kids. I switched over to fake chicken in grade school when I was first subjected to this new form of chicken. I had always eaten real chicken up until this point of entering grade school. I had to switch over to fake chicken, because that was my only lunch option at the time. I have just continued to eat fake chicken, because it is cheaper and more convenient to obtain. While at the University of Wisconsin Madison, the most common form of chicken found in the dining halls is the fake, processed form of chicken. So through convenience and price, I have just continued eating the fake chicken. However, I have not given up real chicken all together. Whenever I have the chance to eat real chicken I do. Real chicken is better and I wish it was easier to obtain while living on campus, not only for its taste but for the better nutritional values of real chicken.

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